Did I hear correctly?… “Buy me… buy me…”

So, what’s a rainy weekend without tea time and a little baking? (Well… I suppose there was a little shopping that preceded the freshly baked muffins, but that’s just a technicality)!

It’s not that I don’t already own a couple of teapots (don’t tell the Big D, ’cause I don’t think he’s noticed; seriously.  Yeah… I know); but I have been searching high and low for just the RIGHT purple teapot for my kitchen.  After all, it’s a non-scientific fact that things taste that much better when served in and on pretty things.  I think I finally found it this time though!   I suppose I MAY have said that the last time, when I found that cute purple teapot at the Bombay company, just before we went on vacation.   (But if I said it in my head, it doesn’t count, and there were no witnesses).   But this one REALLY  does have all my fave house colours.  And it spoke to me.  I’m sure you’ve heard it before… that faint, yet distinct high-pitched “buy, me…. buuuuyyy me” squeak from that oh so amazing item that you have coveted for at least fifteen minutes and you know with certainty that you cannot leave on the shelf; as it would otherwise be destined to exist in a unadmired and underappreciated dwelling.  And that, would be a shame.  Well that’s my ‘sales pitch’ to the Big D, in case he questions me.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever heard that ‘plea to purchase’?  I figure it must just be something that only us women folk are astute enough to decipher.  I’m sure there is an episode of Big bang theory, where Sheldon says “Evolution has made women sensitive to high-pitched noises while they sleep, so that they’ll be roused by a crying baby…”?   So, if it happens when we sleep, it must happen when we’re awake too…. right?  And, if it’s on t.v., well, then, there must be SOME truth to it.  I mean, what are the chances that they would risk putting a quote like that on t.v. if there wasn’t some type of scientific evidence to back it up? So, I’m thinking I’ve got a pretty good case here, for buying my new teapot.

So, after I found this uber fab teapot in THE most perfect colours, for my ohhh so cute kitchen… I made some scrumptious banana muffins.  (Moukie’s favourite, and the easiest recipe that my Sistah passed along to me).  I have no idea where she got it, but it is a tried and true banana bread/muffin recipe.  I am pretty darn sure that people call it ‘bread’ and ‘muffins’ to make it sound healthier.  Seriously, who the heck are we kidding?  Slap on some icing and you’ve got yourself a cupcake! mmmmm…..mmmmmm….mmmmm… sugah!

Here is the recipe for you to enjoy.  (I usually double the recipe, ’cause who can only eat a dozen or so…?…. but this time I tripled it and took a chance, and it STILL came out delish)!  I have no idea if my Sistah will care that I’ve passed it on for the world to see, but she hasn’t read my blog yet, so she’ll probably never know!

Ohh! Great idea from my BFF in the prairie land…. (Auntie Kermin, as Moukie lovingly refers to her as). She peels her bananas before freezing them, whereas I just chuck them in the freezer. But she’s smarter than me, so I think we should do it her way.  Otherwise you end up with this kinda mess:

frozen banana mess

So, grab a ‘cuppa’ somethin’ somethin’ and a few of them there muffins, and ENJOY!

And to quote Tammy Faye Bakker (because I MUST be desperate!):   “shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist”.


12 thoughts on “Did I hear correctly?… “Buy me… buy me…”

  1. You had me at baking. I’ll live vicariously through your lovely blog since I’ve finally gotten my butt back to Weight Watchers. Better late than never. OOOOOh I’m so wanting a snack right now. You are a shopping Ninja my dear cous…that’s one cute t-pot and ‘oh so necessary” . Hey, if questioned, you could say “at least I don’t spend it on VLT’s”…as if right? but he might feel lucky. Looks like you have matching T-cups too. Nice! PS, thank’s for the Banana tip…peeling them first, who knew? As for your sistah, I could help you SPAM her….I never had a sister, might be fun. xoK

  2. Oh smackiland! Now I have to wake up early tomorrow to make banana bread muffins. I just hope I have chocolate chips. Totally agree with Tammy Faye shopping is a way of healing ourselves. Kep up the good work and quotes. Love it!

  3. Ohhh… Where did you ever get that fab tea pot? There is no way that teapot let only out a faint call out to you, it must have screamed on the store intercom “Mrs Smackiiiii, stop, turn around and face this direction and BUY MEEEEEEE!!!!” Its so you in every way.

    Love your writing darling, you sure have a great way with words {wish I had even a quarter of that talent of yours}, great post and I have to say that your pictures are very nice too. And not only do you have a way with words, but also with pictures, because only you can make a “messy situation” as the frozen bananas to look so good {there is no crumb in sight}…

    Must be the design diva in you : )

    • Ohhh Dahling! You are too kind!!! And of course I bought the teapot at HomeSense… I only found 1 divine little cup tho, but will keep my eyes peeled for more, as then we can have ‘tea for 2’!

  4. Thanks for the chuckle Patch! I too was holding out for the perfect teapot and found a lovely red one. It makes you feel good when you use it. Tea time is long overdue my friend and I think I will peel the bananas before freezing them as they are kinda gross when thawing. The more brown spotted the banana the better the bread! Thanks for sharing the recipe, although since on my 90 day challenge and goal to lose 25 lbs and quit smoking think I may have to wait for these treats.

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