Tea Time

I never used to be a coffee lover, until the Big D brought me an all sugared-up flavoured coffee one morning from the local ‘Grabba Jabba’ during a visit to Ottawa in our wooing days. (It was the 90’s, when the shop was hopping in it’s hayday, and conveniently located around the corner from his basement bachelor pad.)  I never used to like the smell of coffee actually, and then, over time, I kind of became accustomed to it and learned to appreciate the intensity of the heavy aromatic beans.  Which is more of a wake-up call than the beans themselves as I tend to drink decaf.  (Hey!  No judging….) 

When my sistah lived in England a number of years ago however, I began to appreciate the fine flavours of tea.  I used to drink it straight up, until a friend here taught me the ‘art of making a good cuppa’, which includes a generous splash of milk.  And now… that is my most favourite way to enjoy a lovely brew – a great way to start the morning or to wind down at night from a long day.

My photo challenge number #4 (let’s see how long I can keep this up – now taking bets….),  is my favourite cup kindly gifted to me from The Finn for my birthday last year. (That’s right… I’m not mentioning WHICH birthday….) 😉  But, isn’t it just so purtty!?  Perfect for a sunny spring morning, which as luck would have it, was today.

tea cup


8 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. I’m trying to figure out who The Finn is, LOL

    I shuttered when you first wrote, “I didn’t like the smell of coffee”, say WHAT? It’s a gift to the nostrils to roll over in crisp bed linens and have that yummy smell wafting up le stairs. HA! I’m a coffee drinker through and through. I like tea at brunches or with my Vegetarian food at an unlicensed restaurant, but that’s about it. Perhaps when I’m in Jolly England this June I can sup a cup in your honour. My boss gifted me a Nespresso so in fact, my drink of choice is now ‘Americano Misto’. Regular coffee is for the peasants…LOL kidding. Cheers (with full on, spark inducing, caffeinated, hold the phone, java 😀 xox)

    • I have a kettle and aqua teapot awaiting your arrival. We’ll zip into ‘Davids Tea’ to score a few flavours. Warning it’s very hard to decide. I love the smell of them all. Except for Chi (Che?) I don’t know but it smells like a bears den in spring. How do I know this? I have a vivid imagination, LOL xox

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