When the Cows Come Home

I was so excited to find out that the ever talented, fun and engaging Kate Green was transposing her art into delightful home decor accents, and I knew I needed to grab one of her amazing creations.  She has this innate connection with colour and brushstrokes of whimsy that match her magnetic personality.  The parcel came in the mail yesterday, when I was away from the office, and  the moment I walked in the door this morning, I plunked my butt down and feverishly tore open the envelope; with utter delight I shrieked with joy!  My Highland Cow Pillow had arrived, and I knew it was going to look smashing in my mud porch!

Many a moon ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Kate through my dear compadre, and partner-in-crime, Jelly, when I was trotting about town and running my Interior Decorating business.  We shared many a laugh and good conversation together during those days.  It wasn’t until recently that we reconnected when Jelly brought together some wonderful and talented women for a gathering of fun and chuckles; and kindly included me in the mix.  This is when I discovered that Kate had branched out from her painting and cake decorating business (yeah….  so uber talented, is she!) and was now showcasing her remarkable talents in the home decor accent arena.  (YAY for me… because my wall space was pretty much taken, so now I could add some of her colourful fun with pillows – because one can ever ever ever… have too many.)

Feel free to check out her incredible talents on the links above or through her etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/KateGreenDesign  Now, Kate… when you’re ready… I would love a bird nest shower curtain...just sayin’... 😉

Photo Challenge #5 (and counting…)

Highland Cow Pillow .jpg


4 thoughts on “When the Cows Come Home

  1. Love her paintings (the cows are too cute, I mean look at that nose and all that hair), didn’t know she also does cake decorating… I think I must check that out!

    • How lucky am to know so many talented people! 😉 I’ll have to get my 40th birthday painting that you did for me up on my daily photos… (though I think it still needs to be signed….) 😉 xx

  2. Your friend Kate sounds fun. I zipped over to Etsy and loved the photo of the dog enjoying the painting of him/herself. It’s really awesome to meet or know the Artist when you add something to your home. It brings more joy to the piece I think. I’m hoping to find something special in London or Paris this June. I bought a watercolour in Paris and Venice on our last trip to Europe and I love having them. Good luck with home decor adventure Kate! xo K

    • Yes…. she is a hoot…. and has a very colourful personality, which comes out so brilliantly in her paintings. It’s so fun to find great pieces that have meaning, isn’t it? Enjoy the hunt on the other side of the ocean.. I am sure you will find some gems!

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