A is for Alphabet

I have an affinity for all things pretty… including fabrics with textures, patterns and intermingling colours.  I have always loved fashion, and I have a great many memory of Saturday shopping trips with the Bobs (a.k.a. my ma) and my Sistah.  We’d scour for great deals and load up on fab finds.  Both my ma and pa had a great sense of style, with a multitude of clothes and shoes to choose from on any given day.  I remember the vast array of my dad’s wardrobe with his Harry Rosen suits, me stuck polishing his alligator shoes, and he demonstrating the art of the double windsor knot.  My mom, who detests wearing the colour green, for some reason had this hat that I vividly remember, that looked like a pale green sheer skull-cap with the lightest white and chartreuse organza petals.  I distinctly recall a flashback of the back of her head (hair tucked in), while she wore it on a car ride to church on the dusty dirt road in the old cream coloured Ford Mustang.  I desperately wish I had a photo of it for today’s photo challenge #7, but I only have my memory for this blast from the past.

My photo today instead, is of my ‘alphabet scarf’… a cute little fun find I picked up on a road trip to Hamilton on our way to visit the eastern branch of the perogy clan; when mom was up for a visit from Edmonchuk a few years ago.  As you can imagine, shopping is still one of our greatest past times and to this day, we continue to bond over a great deal on cute gear.

letter scarf re-sized




7 thoughts on “A is for Alphabet

  1. Fun stuff Sher. I think I have a photo of that hat somewhere. It’s from our own Christening at the church where Victor Schmidt was the Paster. You’re mom and Dad are there and Wayne’s just a baby. I will post to FB when I find it xo

  2. Delightful post, Sherri. My mom was a style maven as well. I’ll find and tag on of her pics. She was a wearer of hats, too, but as a redhead, loved the color green. Your mom and dad were really something in their day, and your mum continues to rock the world.

    • I would love to see some pics of your mom… I bet she was just as photogenic as you are too! I am also a lover of the colour green… kinda wish my ma still had that hat- it would be a hoot to try on! LOL! xx

      • That would be a hoot! I love the hat wearing days, when men and women went out looking sharp. Lots of work , of course, to look your finest but fun, too.

        And thank you for saying I’m photogenic. You are so kind.

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