Winter Thaw

I stumbled upon this outstanding tree;
Tall and regal; branches stretched upwardly to the sky.
Partially diseased, yet so beautiful in is simplicity.
Holes bored into its trunk, with purpose and ambition.
Crevices dancing in contrasts of darkness and light.
Segments of bark gently flaking, silently falling to their death below;
Magnificent colours and textures splendidly revealed in the spring thaw.

Spring thaw treePhoto Challenge Number 8


10 thoughts on “Winter Thaw

  1. You’re a delight ! While others merely wandered past, you stopped to admire the life of this grande tree. Years of providing shade on a hot day, or a restful spot for a tired bird had gone un-noticed until now. Not unlike all of us, blemishes and all, we all need a little love. Tree huggers unite! xo K

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