Spring Sprouts

I woke up late on this sunny spring morning; quickly primped and prepped, rushed out of the house, bounded into the office, and to my surprise I was greeted with this special offering…. a little purple pot with a cute mini ‘lime basil’ sprout, kindly prepared and gifted by my young office compadre.Β  What a delightful treat!

Photo Challenge # 12Lime Basil polaroid

I am an avid fan of Yummly for inspiring recipes and when my little baby bud has grown into a lovely bunch, I’m gonna give this meal a whirl: Thai-Inspired Ground Turkey Stir-Fry and will report back with the verdict on it’s deliciousness!


7 thoughts on “Spring Sprouts

  1. I love Basil and put it on Everything. I tried to grow some last year but the cats kept eating it 😦 So nice to find gifties upon arriving at work. Woot woot. xo

  2. Such a lovely gift. I’m growing sweet basil outdoors. The plans have doubled since the heat wave, followed by rain.

    We’re big fans of Caprese salad (basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese). We’re growing tomatoes too.

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