Pretty Parcels

Photo Challenge Number 15bd collage resized

I received so many lovely tokens of affection today as I celebrated another year… Beautiful and funny cards, sweet and overly generous gifts from special friends and family, and kind and genuine wishes sent my way.  Every day I count my blessings, and today was no exception; and I made sure to call my ‘ma to thank her for ‘having me’, as I do annually.

When I returned home from work today, there was another special package waiting for me; this time from my dear cousin Boomdee, who is an incredible inspiration and was full of encouragement for me to start this blog a few years back.  ♥  Birthday card resized

Her kindness shines through in everything she says and does with her positive and genuine spirit that she shares with the world; and how special she makes those in her world feel. 

And as you can see, there are even uplifting words of hope and optimism  incorporated into the tiniest of details in her custom creations.

Our dads were brothers, charming, handsome, kindhearted… close in age and the best of friends.  And although neither of them are with us any longer, I like to think that they are secretly smiling down on us.  Happy; knowing that as adults, Boomdee and I are not only connected as cousins, but also in friendship.



7 thoughts on “Pretty Parcels

  1. dawwwwww, (( Sher-bear)) you draw all this goodness to you, like moths to a flame. You’re a shining light in this crazy world. I love that you have a wicked sense of humour and infectious laugh. Your dads fun and mischievous charms emanate from you, his little girl. I think they’re smiling too. I remember in Victoria you came running from the bathroom and jumped on our bed with some crazy-as@ night-tim face mask on to surprise the #@*!! out of me, LOLOL ! You’re fun, witty, sweet and loving and I’m so happy we’re traveling this journey called life near and dear in our hearts xox Love you K

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