Well Lit

bedroom decorFound this kinda cool lamp tonight, while I was out and about town hunting for a new canopy to shade us from the heat of the sun on our upper deck; as sadly our old one needs to be put to rest after having sheltered us for many years now.  But of course, I became sidetracked as I steered past Home Sense; drawn in by the heaviness of my wallet as a reminder that I had a gift card from Christmas still waiting to be spent!   After Big D finished building and detailing a stunning little custom table for under our bedroom window at the top of the stairs, and offering me up a private oasis to close the door and write – my very own ‘WO-man cave’,  I knew I needed a new lamp to adorn it.  And at last, I have found the perfect one!

So, in keeping with my utterly random, nonsensical, semi-frequent and relatively consistent ‘non-themed’ April Photo Challenge, number 16 is of my new desk lamp (above)!   I love its monochromatic tone, combined with its tiny pattern and nubby texture. It is a warm ambient light to illuminate the end of the path up the stairs to our room when the hall is dark.   And…. it works so well with the other decorative accents in our compact room.  I love being in this little space!


4 thoughts on “Well Lit

  1. Score! So Big D also builds furniture? Double Score. I bought our bedroom lamps at Homesense and the Duvet cover and the rug in the ensuite…needless to say, we could be partners in that crime 😀 x

    • Hee …. Hee….. Yeah… Big D started doing woodworking and my pa would be so proud! I’ll write a post about it at some point… have to take a full on pic of it. But he’s got the patience to do it and is very detailed. It’s lovely! 🙂 And well… I will go shopping with you ANYWHERE! 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with becoming sidetracked (had a few of those this past week looking for pieses to stage house with), especially when you find that oh so right piece.
    Cute lamp, like the texture of it.
    But, did you find the right shading piece for the deck?

    • Squirrel!!!!! LOL….. No… didn’t find the right thing for the deck, sadly. But I am still on the hunt! 😀 It is nearly impossible to find a new gazebo cover that will fit the one we have, as we had to make modifications on it the last time. And…we’re debating on making some other changes at the end of the summer and maybe implementing something more permanent. Was thinking of one of the giant market umbrellas, but let’s face it… we’d be too lazy to take it down every night, and we love to be outside in a light rain under the gazebo, and an umbrella wouldn’t offer the same shelter. We have the added problem of no gazebo being tall enough, and had to make platforms for the old one, because we of the terrace doors. Sigh….. BUT….I will figure something out! (As long as I don’t get sidetracked with other shopping in the interim!) lol…..

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