Beer Trials

Okay…  so I’m not a beer drinker … anymore.  And I suspect that getting drunk on ‘Coors Light’ in my early 20’s does not quite constitute me as being a ‘beer connoisseur’, does it?  The Big D however, quite enjoys his evening brews, and I can’t seem to keep up with all the fancy terminology and different types; though I think I need to re-introduce myself to this frothy foaming liquid substance.  There are many great craft beer microbreweries here in Ottawa, and one of Big D’s biking buds is the brains behind the brews at Nita Beer.   So in honour of “National Beer Day” I thought tonight would be the optimum time to pull a cold one out of the fridge and give it a chug,….except...ahhhhh…. there aren’t any left… which is … interesting… because I could have SWORN I saw one in there …   

So, although I was willing to give it the old ‘college try’ and tap into a brew, it seems that I am unfortunately unable to….tonight… anyway.  Although the plan was to post a pic of some brews for my photo challenge #6, I will have to instead share one of the two tasty ciders, (which for the purpose of this post I will convince myself are like ‘beer siblings’), which I DO happen to have in the fridge, which are mine…. all mine… and will soon be gone…. gone…. gone….