The Crew

How lucky am I, to have a bunch of cool chicks in the Smackiland ‘inner circle’ to shop with, vent to, and other wise cause trouble with?  My mantra for these groovy dames is, “I’ve got your back, baby”.

Dame definition: Historically, person who ruled an area.  (So, that’s pretty fitting, seeing as, we rule).

“Cheers to my Chikas!” – Smacki-

The Dames: (in order of appearance)

Auntie Kermin:  A godmother to Mouks.  A BFF since the age of 4 (date of first meeting debated on with Bobs).
Stats: Older than me.  (‘Cause 2 days count when you hit the big 4-0).  Lives in the homeland.  (Not the old country!  Edmonchuk, people!  Keep up!) Ms. Teen Edmonton 1st runner-up (year not to be disclosed), and of course Ms. Congeniality! Mother to the greatest kid, who is a chip off the mama block.
Assets:  Meticulously coordinates her toenail polish to her outfits, loves me despite my faults, and kindly let me wear the blue cinderella-like ball gown when we were kids, even though she probably wanted it for herself – a trait which has spilled over into adult-hood. If I didn’t love her, I’d have to hate her.

Jyess:  Total kind-hearted gem.  We met in high school where we bonded while failing math together.
Stats: Lives in Edmonchuk in a big fancy well-deserved establishment with her very beautiful family.
Assets: Bloody hell, she makes me laugh! She is kind, she is beautiful, she is fuuuuuuunnnnny!

Deenie: We connected over popcorn and matinees, and a lot ‘o shopping in my early 20’s. Oh, right.. ahem ..and maybe a few dirty newsletters we conspired in writing to our significant others when they were overseas.
Stats: She is an artist. Lives on the cusp of Edmonchuk, in a quasi city (a.k.a St. Albert), with her artist hubby, and her artistic girls who go to the arts high school in the city.
Assets: She is an amazing artist, great listener and would drive the get away car if I asked her to!

Tante Hosé: My first Ottawa BFF. I was thrown onto her volleyball team when I joined the league, and she’d laugh at me when I talked smack to the refs and would get yellow carded. We also caused havoc in the old hood together in the heyday.
Stats: Lives in Babyhaven with the fam; Dr. S, JuJu, The Con-Man, and Auddie (whom I am fairy godmother to).
Assets: She can smell a sale a million miles away; which explains our frequent border smashing trips! She HAS driven the get away car!

“D”: He may have different working parts, but he is an important part of my core crew.
Stats: A talented fashion designer and loves shopping almost as much as me!
Assets: Ahhh… he loves to shop, loves fashion and gives me the warm fuzzies; he is THAT awesome!

The Finn: a.k.a My Beautiful Scandinavian Friend, whom I met in a furniture history class at college. (She gave me some kind of ginger root to curb my pregnancy nausea, which made me want to gag).  She DOES like her eco-friendly, all natural products!
Stats: A crazy talented artist and illustrator, and mom extraordinaire!
Assets: Kind, with a fiery spirit and gentle soul, but don’t cross her…. a Finnish Viking never forgets!

Jelly: We met while I was immersed in the design industry, had some wicked road trips and rolled ourselves in couture fabric, whilst eating pizza.
Stats: Entrepreneur, and creator of insanely fabulous wearable art.
Assets: Rock solid (contrary to her nickname). Inspiring.

Peanut: The nickname stems from her witty comments from the “peanut gallery”! I have proudly converted her into a fashionista.
Stats: An amazing mom, entrepreneur, and all round cool chick.
Assets: Wickedly loyal, wickedly smart, wickedly focused and cool as a cucumber; she could totally pull off a great alibi, and no one would bat an eye.

RO: A fellow Uke. We always find our own in a crowd!
Stats: Another artistic talent, this time in the graphic design arena. Takes care of the hubby and the boys, and I think she is secretly head of the Ukrainian underground.
Assets: Would do anything for you, and ‘tells it like it is’. Would definitely have her as back-up in a take down.

Willie: Sweet Willie. We bonded over our love of all things cute!
Stats: A fashion fiend (which is why we’re kindred spirits)…
Assets: She knows how to accessorize! If we had a secret agent mission, Willie & I would head up the costume committee, but we might get distracted by all the pretty colours…

More bellissimo buds will be added as their stories in Smackiland unfold…..  stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. Oh phuu, I can breath easy (was a bit nervous when I knew about your new project : ) You are just too sweet my friend, and guess what!!!! I have found the best ginger chew that would even make you like them (I have not given up on that, like you said I dont forget).
    Oh and I love your picture, thats so you!!

    • Hmmm…. I’m not convinced on the ginger replacement (I bet it’s organic too, isn’t it)?! 😉 and my mantra is “i’ve got your back, baby” so i won’t be spilling ALL your secrets! 😉 ‘Tho lets hope a few don’t happen to “slip” out over time! 😉

  2. Ok, your cool group sounds like an episode of the Sapranos..with names like Jelly and The Finn, (Ukrainian underground…too funny) I picture you all talking smak and scaring the other mom’s at Starbucks, HA…just kidding, you’re a lucky lady to be surrounded by what sounds like an amazing posse. I love cartoon you… on, rocking the knee hi boots, LOL

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