All about ‘me’….

Well…. Smackiland isn’t ALL about me… (well… mostly it is)… but I live in it with my amazing husband (let’s call him the Big Dummy for fun, although  technically he’s the smartest man I know… but he rides a bicycle called the ‘Big Dummy’ and has received the nickname due to that, by those who shall remain nameless), and my ohhh sooo adorable son (let’s call him Mouks); my little pet name for him, and yes… I know,  he’s gonna hate me when he’s a teenager for that, but after all, isn’t it my job as a parent to embarrass him at least a wee bit?                                      

Although I come from good Ukrainian-Albertan stock, I fled Edmonton in 1995 to pursue new beginnings like my grandparents did from the old country in the early 1900’s.  (At least that is my romanticized version).  In reality, it was to be with the only man who ever called me ‘sweet’  (and no… I’m not really making that up)….  so I eagerly packed my bags in pursuit of true love and what has become an amazing life in Ottawa.  For all you foreigners – a.k.a. Americans out there, that is the Capital of Canada – and we do not live in igloos, though we do get a LOAD of snow!  And for all you Torontonians, Ottawa is the Capital of Canada, in case you forgot….

Smackiland is kind of like Candyland, except we eat more chocolate and I can tap into my inner writer (or inner ranter, depending on my mood).   Although, in actuality I think Candyland is a bit creepy; like Hansel & Gretel meet the munchkins on their way to slaughter the pink candy corn elephant who is guarding Barbie’s castle, kind of creepy, but who am I to judge?

‘Smacki’ came to be a nickname from my first name, Sherri and married surname of Macki.  It actually kind of happened by accident when my employer set me up with an email address that had my first initial and last name and no period in between… and then it just became kind of fitting based on my personality.  Always a bit of a chuckle when I’ve had to recite to my business prospects on where they can email me….  I’ve kind of got it down to a science….”So… that’s ‘smack’ with an ‘i’ on the end, all one word”….  even worse when emails don’t get through to people and you worry that they might be stuck in someone’s junk email box, in case their spam filter thinks it’s related to porn or something.  But… people tend to see the humour.

As a decorator by trade, and lover of ALL things stylish, you’ll see posts on fashionable home decor items and ideas, as well as cute ensembles to wear, and of course – shoes, shoes, oh glorious shoes!  And of course…. what blog isn’t complete without a few bitter rants for good measure, and some stories of life in the ‘mom’ lane ….  ?

I hope you enjoy the loquacious ramblings of my real life in “Smackiland” & beyond…


3 thoughts on “All about ‘me’….

  1. Look at you go! Welcome to WordPress my dear lovely cousin. I know you’re going to be a hit! You will be my daily indulgence of witty humor. I know life thru the eye’s of Sherri will be insightful and delightful. I can’t wait to follow along. Big HIGH FIVE! Porogie Power !!! LUL xoK

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