My Peeps


Hubby:  “Big Dummy”, who may also be referred to as “The Big D” throughout.
Stats:  RF Electrical Engineer by trade, who swapped his degree to own a bicycle shop.
Assets:  Totally cute butt. (confirmed by friends, co-workers & pretty much everyone).

The Lad:  “Mouks”, a.k.a “Moukie”, “Monkey”, “Chicken”, “Guyeenah”, “Bubbie”,”Boo” and most affectionately referred to as “My little turd nugget”.
Stats:  Born October 2002, 10 days overdue as he was quite enjoying my excessive chocolate consumption, while in utero.
Assets:  Charming, freaking funny and is lucky enough to inherit his father’s physique and his mother’s adept negotiating skills.

“Mouks” & “The Big D” on the Big Dummy bike

Ma: Yup, my mama!  Sturdy Ukrainian stock; good genes, kind heart.  Lovingly called “Baba” by Mouks, which has been adapted to “Bobs” or “Bobbie”; interchangeable.
Stats: A lady never tells her age; she’s still pretty spry and hip!
Assets: Capable of making 1000 perogies in one sitting. (If she offers… that’s not really elder abuse, is it?!) Generous, beautiful and totally able to work the Ukrainian guilt; a skill that cannot be taught, but acquired through years of keen observation. (An art form).

Pa: My pops… known to family and friends as “Johnny Banana”.   As the story goes, he learned to love bananas on a Hawaii trip; thus the nickname came to be.
Stats: February 16, 1998 I experienced the real life meaning of ‘devastation’, when my dad passed away at 64 years young. He may have had a weak heart, but it was a kind, loving and generous one.
Assets: Uber charming, witty, handsome and a total flirt.

Johnny Banana & Bobs

Bro: “Yo Yo Bro”, a.k.a “The Godfather”; is the nickname obvious?
Stats: Five years older, defected to the US of A, where he lives with his better half.
Assets: His better half.   (Did I happen to mention how great his wife is?)

Sis:: “Sistah” a.k.a “Dad’s favourite”.
Stats: Three years older with a hubby, daughter & son. Temporarily perching in the UK, with plans to be Alberta-bound again soon.
Assets: The juves, without question; but most importantly her fashion sense, and borrow-able wardrobe!

Yo Yo Bro, Sistah & Smacki

Yo Yo Bro (funky ensemble, buddy), Sistah & I (in matching happy face shirts); as she holds a cuz from the western branch of the perogy clan.


5 thoughts on “My Peeps

    • Thanks Bobs! You are an insipration and taught me to follow my heart…and with that came ‘listening to the voices in my head’…. So I thought I would share those voices with everyone else. LUL2! xo

  1. I’ll have to take your word on Big D’s butt, however everything else seems very plausible and awesome. If I may add three things. Your Dear Dad was an awesome and lovable Uncle and your Dear mom makes me laugh (and I’m not just saying that because she might make me some natchinka). xoK, PS, Diggin’ the group pic, what a nice TV you had!

    • Gotta love the matching fortrel outfits that Bobs used to make for me & my sistah … Ahhhhh…. The 70’s! And big D’s butt has been quite the topic of conversation around the water cooler, where his mighty fine attribute was noteably pointed out by a colleague! Thanks so much being such a great support & inspiration on starting my blog! xx

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